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Years ago I experienced a vision…

I saw a diverse group of humans dotted all around our beautiful planet. I sensed that community guided and protected by a high level spiritual consciousness, attracted to the purity of their hearts. In the community they would rest, relate and replenish themselves, like beautiful bees in their nourishing hive.

In this hive, they would find the energy to evolve, to express and to work together in a stunning vitalised circle of grace, evoking positive blessings and enlightening transformation in their lives and in the lives of all beings around them.

The Community of the Sacred is the manifestation of that vision.
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In the Community of the Sacred, We Believe…

  • We are unique, diverse, and unified in love as one human race and one spiritual family
  • Sacredness is a living divine potency that can never be commodified, contrived, or controlled.
  • Spirituality is a blessing that can change lives, opening us to exquisite experiences of grace.
  • Communing with the sacred empowers of the soul, unveiling an enriching path to sweet inner fulfilment.

Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Community of the Sacred

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We are one heart, one people, one planet. Join us in generating something beautiful with sacredness and soul. Like bees in a hive, we co-create together in harmony of purpose and intention to manifest magic in our lives and healing for all humanity.

Meet Alana, Your Teacher & Guide

Alana is a rare teacher. Down-to-earth, highly intuitive, practical, and deeply compassionate, prone to tossing her head back in laughter and talking candidly about the beautiful mess and spiritual significance of being human, Alana embodies her teachings, communicating from a place of authentic being and considerable experience.

Alana does more than impart knowledge. She expresses herself in such a way that powerful energy transfers take place. She has an extraordinary field of energy, naturally attracting high-level spiritual intelligence from which she channels healing and guidance. Her teachings are more than knowledge; they are energetic transmissions that catalyse your evolution. Alana has the spiritual juice to inspire and nourish your unique soul journey, which sets her apart and lends her work such effectiveness and beauty.

Alana Fairchild expressing gratitude

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Community of the Sacred

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